"It is better to be a verb than to be a noun."


One thing that’s plagued me is how expensive college is. Like most I’m sure but still I can’t understand why 200k for anything educational makes sense. Why would we put a price on bettering ourselves. Before I thought on average the maximum was 40k for most schools but I was far from wrong. In my own attempts to go back I’ve even come to learn about the process of payments and schooling all together. It’s amazing we go to learn by other people like us, yet most of those people seem to make the least money. Maybe I’m missing something but I read into a few articles on adjunct faculty being insanely underpaid and having to work in multiple schools just to make work worthwhile. I met and had a few teachers like that and always wondered why they struggled to remember their classes despite how small they were. It’s laughable really, to think that so much money goes into college yet the things that matter aren’t even covered. For me even, an attempt to look in dorm living has turned into a massive wtf moment. You can get scholarships, grants, and all the extra credit things to pay for school but a lot of it focuses on tuition over you actually “going” to school. It’d make alot more sense if room and board was guaranteed, things like eating or the overpriced books but for some reason tuition takes the most importance in payments. Maybe i’m ignorant to college,
I can’t seem to figure why paying the school is more important than even being able to pay for people to continue going to school. The fact that government money goes directly to tuition above other things, it makes me very aggressive in figuring if it’s some massive scam to get a “special” tax or keep the rich rich. Seeing how so many fiendish shark loan companies are affiliated with colleges and how schools literally toss students into financial suicide by trusting these people, I am very much opposed to the current logic for education we have and wouldn’t be surprised if someone else was just making a capital gain on it all.
I saw a video of Obama talking about college recently who I still sadly to this day don’t know is a liar, a puppet, or someone trying his best to fight against all the corrupt officials behind him, but the video entailed him asking students about college and how it’s going for them. Naturally there were many bright faces and good chatter here and there until it came to one girl, a young smart and actually innocent looking white girl. She revealed how she was having financial issues and was worried about finishing school. She began to tear up and for some reason Obama asked if she’d attended any of his wife’s speeches then flipped the subject with an untimely joke. No offense to anyone in that, but that simple twist there is the most important part of the issue, not acknowledging it and letting it rip others apart.
Why would we live by a system where we are so competitive and scared that we just overlook when others are being raped of their livelihood. I personally took the liberty of talking to a few people on chat sites, a lot of them mostly on a self help site to ask them about college. I was amazed the majority of people on the site for giving and needing help were 18 year old college girls who would confidently advise going to college and dealing with debt. In fact, some seemed completely aloof to how important having a credible major or degree even was. I’d spent a lot of time prior researching and only with a spic of assurance am I accepting going to school to become a programmer at a very specific school. Even then, there are a vast majority of online and community school’s that a quick scan of curriculum, credibility, graduate employment, ect., will prove to be both poor or nonexistent and somehow still legal. Yet here you have the younger generation who don’t even acknowledge these things wholeheartedly head diving into these financial traps. Two VERY important things that I see contributing to college are the stigma’s of society no matter how inaccurate they are, and an uninformed new generation. I heard a quote once that every new generation, a new law can be passed, and the logic there is the slow push of control with a body of people without understanding. It’s an inevitable thing with authority that I can’t understand why we as a people seem to neglect.
American society at the least seems to just accept it’s kids learning everything it offers and fall completely into the mold it want’s for whatever disaster plan it has. I can’t say that the country is wrong or that it doesn’t do right but if you open your eyes for the slightest second and look around you’ll see how fucking insane it all is and that people need to educate each other better with trust, failures, reality, and understanding. I personally went from college to college and will stand entirely in saying that students don’t agree with their colleges in the end. A lot of them don’t like something going on. In one way or another, people have fallen into the same trap or start to wonder if college even made sense. As someone who stumbled into trade school to even pay for college, I was baffled that there is an entirely new world that allows high school students to immediately work and get trained professionally outside college with a career and sense of job security.
Rarely are these opportunities advertised and I don’t have a clue why. Even the host of the show dirty jobs has expressed the seriousness of not informing people about the opportunities and the need for the basic jobs that make things work. Once again it’s all a result of social conditioning and the stigma of being “only” a construction worker or cook or mechanic. You may not have any debt to your name but somehow have low credit, you may not have went to college or majored in business at all but own your own painting business, you may have the nastiest sounding of jobs even but still be looked down on by people in college without hope of even getting one. The importance of “need” based jobs is an issue. Arrogance, selfishness, and this idiotic survival of the fittest in education is an issue.
Informing the younger generation is a REALLY BIG FUCKING issue, I’m still annoyed that the same people who would trust me to manage their money hesitate to tell me how much debt they have or how they got it, you have to inform others to prevent the issue. Most of all, the logic of school and success alone is an issue. There are people who live as monks, people who live as wanderers, people who play sports, people who act, people who get paid for being them, people who beg for money, people who ask for money, people who steal money, and people who outright murder for money and as it gets worse to take the money those people seem to get praised. I will very clearly say that in a recent trip to Haiti even, the issue of how many people supposedly help the country is a complete lie and many of them are just stealing money. Everything around us is a marketing scheme and a from of social conditioning and if you haven’t noticed it’s happened every generation unless i’m wrong. I do know know that of all places, my trade school who has honestly helped me so much, were the ones to advise me when the housing market was made into a scam market and when the same happened with credit cards, wouldn’t be surprised if the exact same thing is happening with colleges.

Realization pt 2

The family friend of mine offered to let me stay with him in a small town near a military base. The goal was to to rethink life and make a plan for what I want. I’ve always had a realistic goal in the back of my mind and never really ran away from it but have gotten distracted with all the corruption surrounding what I need to do to make it realistic. In short, I’ve always been fascinated with languages, especially programming languages and made attempts to learn what I could. Talking to the family friend, Leon, he gave me advice mostly regarding perception. He stated that perception is an important part of doing things and that it can ultimately change how you interact and experience something. As someone with a generally negative perception, that’s a big deal and something that hit my head hard when I heard it. He even explained in detail how to use debt to benefit you over it taking advantage as well how credit really works, and how you shouldn’t have specific expectations. Very basic ideas but all made the clearest difference in how I thought and drove me to realize how scared I really was to trust anything. The moment I felt I had something to fight back with, I was more confident and took his offer to stay and plan a lot more seriously. The city is small and it is does have a strong patriotic and military affiliation. I’ve even sighted a few confederate flag passer-byes who yell and scream but I never here what they actually are saying. Since I’ve been here I’ve secured a plan to go back to college hoping to establish a change from the inside over the outside. I was bit disturb seeing the reality of college tuition for some places and think that’s something that need’s to seriously be figured out but it hasn’t stopped me yet at least. I’ve attempted to find work in the local area but have met the struggle of working in a small town. In a professional stance, I have a lot of experience and know how to present myself, but even then, I was warned that the expectancy of schooling in the town was high school and on average people were paid minimum wage. The idea of being stuck in a small town all my life scared me, especially one that trapped you in such a way because of it’s lack of opportunity, public transport, and militaristic presence. I’d never had these problems before and never saw how big a deal they could be but I finally found a part time job and had a chance to meet some guys who openly admitted to being trapped in one way or another. What got me was the majority said they coped with living in the town by playing games and smoking weed or pot. Of course these were just the younger guys working at a pizza hut. I’ve had time to think, and despite all my experiences I never stopped wandering and being aware.


I wound up in Florida which was great. My goal was to at least get south to a beach but ironically I was in the middle of Florida and trapped. Some family friends gave me a ride from Georgia and were going to attend a basketball tournament. They stayed at a top notch resort somewhere in the middle of northern Florida, not sure where we were. I was offered to stay but didn’t want to overstep the help I’d gotten and chose to wander off in the night. That plan didn’t end to well. I’d only gotten about 10 miles away before I was wandering between MacDonald’s rest stops. I was certainly fortunate that they let me stay for so long. I had decided to skate to Tampa when I realized where I was. It would be a rough ride but certainly doable. 2 days wandering and a bit unready I made my way through a swamp road that got more suspicious the deeper I went in. Having seen armadillo roadkill for the first time and no trespassing signs at every clearing, I was now concerned about what I’d do if I didn’t make to the next stop at the end of the day. I was probably 5 miles in before a police car came past asking if I was running from the law. After explaining, they warned me of the actual distance to Tampa and the swamp end saying I’d be better off hitchhiking. I personally have never actually been big for looking for a ride, but I accept them when they come. The police offered me a ride to a rest stop where I might be able to find someone at another MacDonalds. Here I was again at MacDonalds, although a new one, but not too far from the last, an despite all the truckers and passerby’s, or even a thought out attempt to get a ride, I couldn’t get help. I actually felt trapped now seeing my only option was a dangerous road or a highway I couldn’t find a ride to traverse. I hadn’t experienced the feeling in my last trip out west the previous year. There was always a way out with the many roads and people, but in Florida I felt trapped under the world of modernization. It was another irony for me in realizing that here I was trying to escape a reality that surrounded me and that in a way, I couldn’t contend with by not being apart of it. That simple experience set me back a bit and I began wandering about overall actual freedom in my trip or what I could actually do alone anymore. I received a phone call that a family friend in southern Georgia would pick me up the next day if I made my way north of the resorts I came from and I accepted it. I managed to sleep and stay at MacDonalds for 14 hours despite not ordering anything and their limit of 30 mins after eating. Of course I began hopping from every MacDonald within the next 10 miles getting water or something small. I found that a bit funny, I personally have always been against MacDonalds but it’s always been the perfect bail out with wifi and resting while traveling. I made it North again, about 5 miles above the resort I came from and waited 7 hours to be picked up at another MacDonalds. It seemed just in that flash my life changed in an instant. Three things that stuck with me were passing through all the expensive resorts that dominated the area, not being able to actually talk to anyone despite being out in the open, and how miserable it felt walking in the south. I realized I liked to travel to new places, see new things, talk to people, and feel engaged with freedom. My experience in Florida helped sway how’d I’d travel again.

There Is a Lot More I Want From Life

I finally got to Atlanta roughly 3 hours pass the time I planned and very much like when I arrived in denver by bus, it only took a few seconds for me to realize navigating would be difficult and even finding the sun through all the buildings would be a challenge.

I walked a bit and went to 2 restaurants hoping for internet and of course couldn’t find it. I asked a few people and the best answers were the 2 places I went and that the other places are closed on the weekend.

I came to a halt looking around and for a second was disturbed by the idea of cities. I tried looking for the sun again and only a few seconds later a big white guy with a lot of tattoos walked up behind me saying “

You ain’t from here bro you can’t do that. You gone get robbed come with me”. Hearing that and being lead away seemed like the craziest irony of being mugged or whatever but I decided to walk with the guy only with expectancy that fate would throw me in a new scenario other than being lost.

Wasn’t long till he properly introduced his self and told me how he took a bus one day with the dream to cut hair in Atlanta. He said he got off a bus lost and confused and in only a few steps of walking had to fight off three guys trying to take his things. Eventually he met some people and made some connections and wounded up in a small apartment cutting hair. He was leading me to a shelter where one of the guys who helped him worked.


There was a huge gated building with a lot of older black guys wandering around.

After being asked if I was on the run, did any drugs, or had any felonies, I was invited in where they immediately began setting me up as one of the members in their program. As far as I saw it was a shelter for men who actually looked pretty happy.

I had to catch myself after being given a room number to say I was simply looking for where I was and needed internet. They took me to a cafeteria where I was able to finally contact people online and eat.

After arranging all I needed I headed out saying I was leaving that day. I was stopped and warned I couldn’t return in 7 days. After saying ok the crew seemed surprised and began asking where and what I was doing.

I only said enough for them to run off telling everyone I did some major feat. They told the head guy in the building who invited me in. A well dressed older black man with a serious expression and almost careless of the commotion.

He looked up and asked where I’m going.

I said Peru eventually.

He laughed saying when he was younger he went along a trail the goes South to North of the Eastern US. He spoke a bit more then wished me good luck leading me out.

When I got ready to leave the gate he came up and asked why are you doing this?


I laughed and said “I think I’m bored, but either way there is a lot more I want from life I wouldn’t get from home. I like new things and figuring things out”.


Wasn’t long before night and realizing how difficult it was to find or catch any buses or trains to anywhere. I asked a lot of people a lot of things and the most helpful was a correction on how I pronounced my destination (Smir-Noff).

The later it got the more hostile people got.

Eventually I’d ask young black guys who would either not respond or feel as if I was readying to fight them. Older white couples would either laugh or tell me I’m doing something wrong while walking off. I even asked a cop who wrote someone a ticket and they claimed to have called a taxi to come for me after I asked, of course it never came.

The idea of cities really seemed like a bad thing to me then. I lost my sense of direction from the few directions I got that led me here and there. Looking for a bus one minute and a train another going North of this street and East on this street, it was frustrating.

I actually got a desperate and just outright asked people to call a taxi or the police for me. I was stunned that asking that made people leave even quicker.

I thought about walking several times, but knew it’d be a bad idea knowing I’d been up early with little sleep, only had a little water in 2 days, and had no way of finding an apartment late at night without a reliable map. The layout of the city was confusing alone.

Finally I saw two older women talking and I approached slowly trying to make myself visible and kept a good distance. When I caught their attention I said all I could in the most reasonable manner asking if the could call a taxi, police, or new where I could get help. They thought a second but ran off saying they didn’t know.

I probably didn’t make the best choice after but I saw them leave to a hotel and decide to either ask again or ask the hotel. I walked in. The two older women were talking to a security guard, likely about me. I walked closer and explained myself again. The security guard quickly changed her approach offering to help and called a taxi for me.

The taxi ride was pretty sketchy, an older Indian guy who had a hard time communicating with me as well as the directions I was giving because of his gps.

I saw the moment I got in he started charging even before I was sure where I was going and if he could take me. We also stopped 2 times with him claiming he wasn’t sure where I was going. I counted, not for money’s sake but to see how much someone could loose in a taxi unknowingly. I’d say about $10 wasted.

When we finally arrived to the apartment he rode past my turn 2x and tried a 3rd until I yelled for him to stop. Even then after giving him the address long before our first stop, he managed to take me to far into the complex and after getting out he waited saying I may need help getting there.

He didn’t look like it but the guy knew what he was doing to get money. I’m the type to tip someone for helping after something like that, $40 was well worth it’s own tip.

A cousin of mine came out and found me then led me to his house. A brief introduction and explanation and I wound up in a room slowly falling asleep on the floor.

I thought to myself, I make it to a big city I wanted to see, am surrounded by tons of people, even road a bus, what a terribly long day it’s been.

Next Stop: Atlanta

I have a family friend in Louisville I was looking to meet so after getting directions I managed to make my way towards her home.

I was stopped a few times by surprised or amazed black people. Some of em thought it was crazy to be from Indianapolis.

Had a nice welcome with Mrs. Cooper. Took a minute to get used to it but I’m glad she’s in Louisville right now.

Realizing more about Kentucky and the fact that I just want to enjoy my trip not torture myself, I’m planning on getting a bus straight to Atlanta.

Searching for the bus all morning it came 2 hours late. Will be in Atlanta Georgia in about 9 hours maybe…

Spending the Night At Walmart

That night, I ended up at a Walmart a few blocks away and made plans to sleep near the area. One side of the building was closed while the other had a police officer outside of it.

I took my chances and when in the other way to sit down in the inside and was later questioned by the cop about what I was up to. Told em about my trip and that I’m just tired. I was a bit surprised when he said “should be ok if you lay down there, I’ll go ask the manager”. He came back saying it was ok and I spent a good few minutes wondering if he just helped me or if it really mattered, either way I was grateful.

Sleep was a bit rough, between the amazed late night shoppers and the machines shouting “you can win” every few minutes. Walked out in the morning, skated across the parking lot and ended up at a MacDonald to take another nap, my body felt tired and likely still out of shape. A good nap had me feeling rested and after checking a few things alot of the older people in the store started to stare.

I wound up walking again remembering the sun rises East and that I’m to stay away from the highway.

After 4 stops in 15 miles a guy my age who was half Indian offered a ride for gas money. I took the offer and got to hear he had been doing what I was doing a year ago and wound up in Florida before deciding to help people at home. Was easy to relate and he ended up buying me a drink and taking me all the way to Louisville.

Something he said that made me think, his wife was in the military and while he had housed and helped a friend, his friend got involved with her and that lead them to separating.

Giving me a ride was a random thing after he was thinking of taking out his anger and had just left that scenario with only the car despite her having most of his things. I told em “There is too much in life to waste time on selfish people, we’ve all hit that bump and usually it’s the push to something better, hell you met me”. He laughed and I offered a drink while insisting he should get out of Indy. At first he was ok till he got a phone call and just like that he let me out in the center of Louisville.

Lesson On The Road

I walked a good distance further before realizing I wasn’t sure where I was.

So I walked to a guy that stared at me across the street and asked directions.

Somehow that talk went to work and to working construction, to long’s donuts, to eating healthy, to the difficulty maintaining a healthy lifestyle in construction, to distrust with what we’ve learned growing up about health and living. Surprised an older tough guy shared a similar idea about a lot I had to say which is likely what led him to drive me to the next city.

In that ride I told me about a wife he met from south america after a divorce and how he only eats vegetables and fruits at barbecues. Never judge a book by it’s cover people will always surprise you.

What amazed me most today, was seeing a kinda chubby black guy hitchhiking in a small town in south indiana and another young black guy walking with a backpack that seemed like another traveler.

I should say that I’ve learned I’m not the first male or black guy to walk or skate anywhere, I learned that in Colorado and there are a lot of people moving throughout the country the same way.

I’ve ended up at a burger king 20 miles north of Louisville using my laptop to call home and what not.

Felt nice not having a phone and direction, despite asking, weren’t that big a deal.

I actually got a ride and a nice talk asking directions.

I Left Indianapolis Today

Left Indianapolis today with a ride from my grandpa to greenwood.

A little ways out I was offered a ride by a woman at a street light.

After sharing conspiracy theories and her prediction of a comet coming in September she dropped me out near a small town.

I walked into a restaurant to ask what direction I was heading and learned the sun sets west not rises but was offered a free meal I had to turn down. Not to far from the restaurant a young guy picked me up saying the city is strict on homeless laws and a bit more than country. He got me out of the city hoping the best for me.

I walked and skated a good 10 miles before I took a rest.

After a mile walk from resting a cop came approaching me aggressively. I was calm told em what I was doing, kept a smile, even showed him a cpr certified and a drug card I got from my job. After explaining my goal and having done it before he backed down and offered a ride to a truck stop. It was funny trying to explain my goal to him, he was constantly saying the world is dangerous and you can’t trust people and had me pinned at any conversation on the topic.

I eventually told him about a video of Obama speaking on how media is only exposing the negative that’s been going for decades and gave my opinion that the real issue with free travel is that peopel are scared to trust each other because of the negative media despite the amount of change today. I was surprised he agreed then and from that point he changed his attitude towards me asking what I wanted to see done.

The trip ended with him giving me all the money he had in his pocket and a pocket book that related everyday stories to bible verses.