"It is better to be a verb than to be a noun."
Mature woman of the Amnesiac Tribe seeks opportunity to provoke meaningful discourse through writings and visual art.

Discourse must be imperfect, inconsistent and occasionally fun.

Inquire within for details.



(above: Tessilated Pathways #1 8.22.16 watercolor and gouache, 8.5”x11”) Crossings The fishing boats go out across the evening water Smuggling ...
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Gaseous Exchange

Jo’s ‘Ramping it Down 101’

(above: Gaseous Exchange, 7.15 .16, 7.5”x10” colored pencil) Jo’s “Ramping it Down 101,” or, Effective Dilution of Verbal Gas This ...
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Liberty Statue Fireworks

Proud and Uneasy

Proud and Uneasy Explosions blooming in the night sky, fireworks, rippling reds, whites and blues, and star-spangled anthems amped up ...
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courage giftwrap

Gift Wrap

(above: framed paper gift wrap, circa 1991- 92-ish, approx. 8.5”x11” Gift Wrap Yes, gift wrap. It came to me from ...
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shadow hours long

Hours of the Long Shadows

(above: May 2016, late spring afternoon, the Ponderosa) Hours of the Long Shadows I helped my father to die. Never ...
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Marrakech train station

The Rain was Trained Mainly Beneath the Panes

(above) Marrakech Train Station The Rain Was Trained Mainly Beneath the Panes: Assilah and Sidi El-Mayani 4.19 - 4.24.16 The ...
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comf. zone expl._IMG_0918_1024

An Epidemic of Comfort Zone Explosions

(above- 3-4/2016, stone, various sizes, paint and felt marker, art by Enrika Passiflora LaLiberte) An Epidemic of Comfort Zone Explosions ...
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Magna 1_IMG_0826_1024

Magnia Thermia

(above) Magna Thermia Goddess of the Change Vaporizes El Nino 1.16 8.5" x 11" paper, posterboard, pencil, paint colorants, felt ...
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thumb_IMG.jpg mug

Yeah. Pace Yourself-

Yeah. Pace Yourself— —unless El Nino has arrived, which it just did. In that case, return to work in a ...
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Holiday Retail

Holiday Retail

(above) Holiday Retail 12.13 8.5" x 11" Paint Colorants A playful greeting from Joanne, inspired by her nine years in ...
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Blizzards thumb_IMG_0772_1024

Frequent Flurries of Paper Expected This Month

(above) The Information Blizzard 12.10.15 8.5” x 11” oil pastel, colored pencil on paper Further Flurries of Paper Expected This ...
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Azucara 4 thumb_IMG_0694_1024

Behold: The Sugary Half of the Year

(above) Azucara, Goddess of the Buzz, or, The Cane Plantation’s Just Desserts 11.9.15 17”w x 18.5”h collage on paper, pencil, ...
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BS Radar Engaging

Health. Or Pain. No, Profit. Well, All Three

(above) BS Radar Engaging 10.14.15 7 7/8”h x 9 3/4”w photo keylining, colored pencil This is About Health. Or Pain ...
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Smith River thumb_IMG_0635_1024


(above) September, Smith River 9.15 10.25” x 8.25” oil pastel, colored pencil on paper, shitload of hairspray Thirst All day ...
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thumb_IMG_0588_1024.jpg Sunset on Listening Lake

Jo’s Audiobook List

(above) Sunset on Listening Lake 9.2.15 17.5"h x 23"w -cut paper, glue, colorant, oil pastel Jo's Audiobook List for Story ...
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My Father's Hands 1

Linking Up the Chain of Thought

(above) My Father's Hands -graphite and charcoal on paper Linking up the Chain of Thought “Train” of thought didn’t work ...
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empty nester's view of North America

Empty Nester’s View of North America

(above) A Mom's Eye-View of North America 9.2010 11"w x 8.5"h, paper, oil pastels and colored pencil My friends and ...
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Chapstick Cap: wire, glass beads, epoxy

Reconciling Art and Craft, or, My Retirement From the Western Canon

(above) Chapstick Cap & Keychain, 4.2014, mesh, epoxy, wire, glass beads Reconciling Art and Craft, or, My Retirement From the ...
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thumb_IMG_0442_1024.jpg reading list

Jo’s Reading List

(above) Hiking the Reading Range 7.3.15 11"w x 8.5"h, colored pencil on paper Jo’s Reading List, or, Some of the ...
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(above) Who Tattoo 8.17.15 6"w x 8"h, imitation leather and felt marker Tribe or, the Nightmare of Whiteness We were ...
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thumb_IMG_0537_1024.jpg big & little worlds

Refiring One’s Abandoned Dreams, or,

(above) Weaving the World and the One 8.6.15 14.5"w x 9.75"h, cut paper & colored pencil Re-Firing One’s Abandoned Dreams ...
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IMG_0510_1024.jpg manual labor 1

What Happened to Manual Labor

What Happened to Manual Labor with Charts Showing Results of Working with One's Hands, Demonstrating That This is No Attempt ...
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18-yr-old Navy Dad

Veteran as Symbol, Veteran as Human

Veteran as Symbol, Veteran as Human God I hate it when I say I’ll do something and then veer off ...
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Shopping for Trees

What Came First

What Came First Okay, so, working with one’s hands, what it is for me, how I got like this, how ...
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Upcycling Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fence

Chain… Link… Fence Can’t help wondering: Is there any clump of nouns in modern English that conjure up a more ...
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